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Remote Mirroring Configuration

Stu Pittwood
Occasional Advisor

Remote Mirroring Configuration

Hi all, 


I'm trying to configure a remote port mirror between a 5800 & 5500-EI without much success.  The remote probe vlan (960) is allowed between the two devices.


I've seen a document on the H3C site stating that I need to issue remote-probe enable in the vlan configuration, but this command isn't availble on my 5800.


also, the details of what the reflector actually is seem a bit thin on the ground.  Is this connected to the remote switch?  Is there any config that needs to be done to the reflector?


The source & destination switches are connected via an LACP trunk comprising of 4 x 1Gb interfaces.


Below is the configuration of the source device


mirroring-group 1:
    type: remote-source
    status: active
    mirroring port:
        GigabitEthernet1/0/23  both
    mirroring CPU:
        slot 1, 2  both
    reflector port: GigabitEthernet1/1/16
    monitor egress port:
    remote-probe VLAN: 960


below is the destination device


mirroring-group 1:
    type: remote-destination
    status: active
    monitor port: GigabitEthernet1/0/7
    remote-probe VLAN: 960


Many thanks.