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voice vlan configuration question

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voice vlan configuration question

I have a 4510G 3CR17771-91 switch that I need to setup a voice vlan on . Here is the current configuration setup that I need.

VLAN 1 managment, customer LAN

VLAN 31 ELAN for phone equipment that can communicate between cards in the closets and between physical locations.

VLAN 32, TLAN for phones and phone system management equipment.


I have the following configured.

VLAN 1 ( I know its public our network uses public IPs behind our firewall from a legacy setup)

VLAN 31 ports manually assigned 1-12 port type access permit vlan 31

VLAN 32 ports not assigned, vlan needs to support both phones and mangement equipment.

Please help !


I need the procedure for configuring the OUIs the Voice VLAN and the ports for auto.