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Business copy and SQL 2005


Business copy and SQL 2005

Hi gents,

we want to vsnap an SQL database with RSM. Before making the snap we are planning to use dbutil 2.8. Is there a best practise document (application note), how to backup and restore sql 2005 databases with RSM and dbutil ?
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Re: Business copy and SQL 2005

Hi Joep,

I'm not sure if this is what your after but I have attached the DBUtil User Guide for you to look over.

If you plan to backup a database and restore it to another server via RSM then I don't think you will need to use DBUtil?

As far as I'm aware DBUtil suspends all database transactions, at this point you can then take a snap/clone of the partition the physical mdf/ldf database files are on. Once you have this you can then present the snap/clone to another server and attach the database. Obviously remembering to resume the transactions on the original database when your done :-)

The risk to consider though is how confident are you that DBUtil is 100% going to resume transactions on your original database?