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EVA showing incorrect information

Trusted Contributor

EVA showing incorrect information


My EVA is having 4 Disk groups. I have created 5 vdisk in one of the disk group.
Total capacity = 5141.28GB
Total Occupancy = 2188.53GB
Available = 884
I am surprised to see the available space?
Screen shot is attached.

What could be the reason?

Patrick Terlisten
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA showing incorrect information


can you provide more informations? What type of EVA, CV Version and VCS/ XCS Code? Are only 250 GB FATA disks in the disk group or did you mix different near-online drives?

Best regards,
Best regards,
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA showing incorrect information

> What could be the reason?

Most likely a bug in the firmware. I would first try the easy things and restart CV-EVA, reboot the management server.

If that does not help, the next step is a "controller resync". Very often it is sufficient to reboot the master controller.

Be very careful if you have single-pathed servers.

I recommend that you open a call with HP for 2 reasons:

- this makes sure the problem is logged in the database (even if the problem is well known)

- talk to a specialist - maybe you can try some other things first like creating / deleting a vdisk or so.
Or the specialist wants to collect some important data from the running system that might have gone if you reboot a controller yourself.
Dennis L W Thury
Frequent Advisor

Re: EVA showing incorrect information

I recently had a similar issue. I concur wholeheartedly with the recommendation to get the Support Center involved.

In my case, re-syncing the controllers resolved the problem.