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Help on array configuration

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Help on array configuration


Can anyone help me explaining what is the diference between configuring a prolientml370 with a 642 SmartArray with 2 arrays, 1st with raid1(2 HD) and the 2nd with raid5 (3 HD), and configuring the smartarray with only 1 array with 2 partions with RAID5? I mean in performance diferences. Is the only diference the redundancy system? The HD are 72G. The server is to be a files server and the 2 partitions are for SO and Data.


Paulo Meireles
Honored Contributor

Re: Help on array configuration

The benfit of using two separate arrays is that you reduce disk contention for reads and writes.
If you have all one big array, then the O/S and swap file have to share disk seek time with data reads and writes.

Since you have so few drives, you will not see much advantage of one RAID5 and two logicals. You would need more spindles to achive a greater throughput.
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Marino Meloni_1
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Re: Help on array configuration

The main difference is that:
two partitons are treated as one phisical HDD
two arrays are treated as two phisical HDD