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MSA P2000 disk fw problem

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MSA P2000 disk fw problem



I have a MSA P2000 G3 FC storage, with 24 drives installed. Several drives are EH0146FARUB type, but one of them has HPD9 firmware installed (I think it was a warranty replacement), the rest have HPD8. According to the manual the same type of drives must have identical firmware in the MSA.


Problem is, on the HP support page for the MSA P2000 the highest firmware for EH0146FARUB is HPD8. I tried downgrading, but it was unsuccessful.


If I check the downloads for the EH0146FARUB drive itself, I can indeed find the HPD9 firmware, but since it is not on the MSA's support page, I obviously did not install it on the other drives.


What is the solution in this situation?


Thank you.