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Move disks

Paulo Gonçalves
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Move disks

We had 2 DL380G4 with a Smart Array 6i Controller, in a Oracle cluster, with 2 SCSI disks in RAID1 on each, for Linux OS.
One of them broke down and we don't have an equal replacement machine.
We want to move the data from SCSI disks to SAS disks in order to put on a new server.
The problem is that we don't have another server where to connect the SCSI disks to read the data unless the other cluster node.
I've put one of the discs in the other DL380 (hotplug, we do not want to restart the server) and in the ACU the disk appears as "Unassigned Drive" and the array was not automatically rebuilt.
I didn't put the 2 disks because I was afraid that something went wrong and destroy the data.

Therefore, the questions are:
If I create a new array and a new logical drive with the disk in the ACU, the data will be kept or destroyed?
If I put the second disk the array will be created automatically? Even without restarting the server?
If I restart the server the array will be created automatically? Even without putting the second disc?


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Re: Move disks

Hi Paulo,

Sometime back, I wanted to Install OS only once for alike systems with Smart Array 6i controller, Followed the below steps, it was succssful:

Step-1: Install two drives in Server1 and configure them as Raid1 and install OS, Patch, applications
Step-2: Shutdown Server1, Install one of those two drives in Server2, Configure it as Raid 0(Ignore all warning messages saying data would be lost )
Step-3: Bring up Server2 and Change Hostname & IP address

Not sure, its supported or not, but it worked for me.

Paulo Gonçalves
Occasional Visitor

Re: Move disks

I believe that if we shutdown the second server, remove the 2 disks from that server, put in the disks from the failed server, and boot, everything would go fine.
The problem is that this second server is in production and we can't take it out of service.
So, is there any way to do this without shutdown the server, or at least having to do only a simple reboot ?