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Moving disks between controllers

Simon Hyams
Occasional Contributor

Moving disks between controllers

Could someone please advise what the situation is regarding HP disks moving between servers/controllers? If we have a disk in server_a and we want to put it into server_b (and keep the data on it!) do server_a and b need to be: 1. the same model server? 2. the same model raid controller? Can you move disks between certain types of controllers (like 6i 5i, etc) or should we be able to move disks between ALL controllers (i.e. from a 5i in a dl360 to a 6402 in a dl380)? Bear in mind we don't want to lose the data on the disks! thanks
Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: Moving disks between controllers

If your just moving data disks, you should not have a problem. The drive configuration is stored on the drive so you can more drives around. Any Smart ARray should be able to read the config on the drives and re-create the config in its own memory.

This is the reason why you can migrate from older RA41xx and Smart Arrays to newer Arrays like the MSA, with having to recreate your drive environment.

The only problem with doing this with an OS disk is that server B probably requires different drivers and such and would not be able to boot properly, if at all.

Steven Clementi
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