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Re: best way to backup SQL2005 Database

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best way to backup SQL2005 Database


I am new to Snapshot backup technology. We have a EVA4100 for our SQL2005 DB server storage,LUN(D:) for log and LUN(E:) for DATA.
I am planning to do daily snapshot to backup the data & log as below:

1. use sqlserver built-in backup to perform backup DB & log to another LUN(F:) in SAN
2. create snapshot for LUN F:
3. present the snapshot to another win2003 hosts for tape backup

I am not sure if I am making the best use of snapshot. Could someone tell me what is best practice to backup SQLserver using snapshot ?

Thanks in advance!

Patrick Terlisten
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Re: best way to backup SQL2005 Database


the best practise for a SQL backup is certainly "Data Protector Zero Downtime Backup für HP EVA Disk Arrays". But if you don't use Data Protector für you backups, you can't use it.

IMHO is doing a backup with the built-in backup utilities, snapshooting the volume and presenting the volume to the backup host one step to much.

Try snapshotting the sql volume directly. Check the product site für EVA Business Copy (http://h18006.www1.hp.com/products/storage/software/bizcopyeva/).

But remember: Business Copy is an additional feature for which you have to pay. It's licensed in form of LTU (License to use) and terabytes.

Hope this helps.

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