Autosys and limits.conf recognition of Oracle User Job

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Autosys and limits.conf recognition of Oracle User Job

We're using Autosys R11 as the Job Control And Scheduler.

There is an Oracle Script  that starts a Database Instance.

The Oracle user has environmental linits in /etc/security/limits.conf i.e.:


oracle soft memlock 65011712
oracle hard memlock 65011712


The above settings are important for proper startup of Oracle. When the Oracle user (lamanually logged in as oracle)  runs the script, it works fine.


When Autosys runs the script with oracle as the effective user as well as settings to source oracle's profile, it does not work because the above oracle limits.conf settings does not seem to be recognized by the execution environment.


I know the fix is real easy and that is to add "ulimit" lines to autosys' or the oracle user's profile settings but I thought Linux should always recognize what is set in limits.conf as long as the effective uid/gid of the executing script is set to what is listed -- in this case oracle.


Any ideas why Autosys executed scripts do not seem to honour limits.conf settings?


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