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DNS not resolving internal

Occasional Contributor

DNS not resolving internal

We have a dns server which is
not resolving for internal IP adresses but for extenal domains it does , what could be the problem ??
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Steve Steel
Honored Contributor

Re: DNS not resolving internal


Check it with nslookup ls command. see below

It must be setup wrongly

Also see /etc/resolv.conf and /etc/nsswitch.conf (man switch)

Default Name Server: saccond

> ?
Commands: (identifiers are shown in uppercase, [] means optional)
NAME - print info about the host/domain NAME using default server
NAME1 NAME2 - as above, but use NAME2 as server
exit - exit the program, ^D also exits
finger [USER] - finger the optional NAME at the current default host
help or ? - print info on common commands; see nslookup(1) for details
ls [opt] DOMAIN [> FILE] - list addresses in DOMAIN (optional: output to FILE)
-a - list canonical names and aliases
-h - list HINFO (CPU type and operating system)
-s - list well-known services
-d - list all records
-t TYPE - list records of the given type (e.g., A,CNAME,MX, etc.)
policy - print switch policy information
root - set current default server to the root
server NAME - set default server to NAME, using current default server
lserver NAME - set default server to NAME, using initial server
reset - lookups use the switch policy; resets DNS servers
set OPTION - set an option
all - print options, current server and host
[no]debug - print debugging information
[no]d2 - print exhaustive debugging information
[no]defname - append domain name to each query
[no]swtrace - print source lookup and source switch messages
[no]recurse - ask for recursive answer to query
[no]vc - always use a virtual circuit
domain=NAME - set default domain name to NAME
srchlist=N1[/N2/.../N6] - set domain to N1 and search list to N1,N2, etc.
root=NAME - set root server to NAME
retry=X - set number of retries to X
timeout=X - set time-out interval to X
querytype=X - set query type, e.g., A,ANY,CNAME,HINFO,MX,NS,PTR,SOA,WKS
type=X - synonym for querytype
class=X - set query class to one of IN (Internet), CHAOS, HESIOD or ANY

view FILE - sort an 'ls' output file and view it with more

Steve Steel
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Jordan Bean
Honored Contributor

Re: DNS not resolving internal

It almost sounds like the reverse zones ( for the internal network have not been setup.

In DNS, you always have one zone to resolve names to IPs (A records) and another to resolve IPs to names (PTR records).