Directory partition to NA Application server

Shamsher Singh

Directory partition to NA Application server

I have to install NETWORK Automation on a linux server with 140GB HDD and 16 GB RAM,what should be the directories partition?
Robert Walker_8
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Re: Directory partition to NA Application server


If you set the system up as LVM you can grow the partitions if you leave space behind. Also suggest doing a test install to find out the desired layout, but based on install documentation.

Dont know about NETWORK Automation however it probably will reside in either /usr or /opt. You may need to concern yourself with SELinux if you install in the wrong location - SELinux is a bit of a pain!

Using LVM you can establish logical volumes for /usr and /opt and say starting at 8GB grow them if required.

/boot say 256MB (this has to be ext3 non LVM)
swap say 4GB (you have 16GB ram so probably
LVM partitions:
/ (root) say 4GB
/usr say 8GB
/var say 10GB
/opt say 8GB
dont need too much swap!).
/home say 4GB (keep users off / )
/tmp say 5GB (in case NETWORK uses temp).

Thats 39GB of LVM which can expand if required to the remainder of the disk if needed.