Laptop HP compaq NX 6110

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Laptop HP compaq NX 6110


I plan to buy a HP Compaq NX 6110 laptop. I am a Debian user and I think that there is no so much problems to set up everything properly (I meen ACPI/APM controls, battery level, stepspeed characteristics, wireless drivers, etc...) after read one user in, anyway I would like to know if someone of you have installed Debian/Ubuntu/Knoppix or at least a GNU/Linux system on this laptop. Is just to assure myself before buying and to know if i could ask someone if i have any problem.

By the way, do any one knows if there is any possibility of not buying Windows XP with this laptop? (i.e. to buy an OS empty laptop)

Thank you in advance,
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Re: Laptop HP compaq NX 6110

This laptop works quite nicely with Linux (I set up one for a collegue 2 weeks ago), but I didn't try very far for non mandatory peripherals (IR, etc.).

I used Mandriva LE2005, had some glitches with the BCM4400 fast-ethernet adapter, had to use a bleeding edge DRI driver for the video, but managed to play Armagetron and Tux-Racer.

For the rest, it's not my laptop, so I can't say if it batteries last long, but seems to from what I can see.

I submitted nx6110 PCI IDs to, but can't see if they made their way to the stock list.

As to buying this laptop without Windows, my collegue bought it without XP here in France, YMMV elsewhere. The difference is about 100 EUR with and without.


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Re: Laptop HP compaq NX 6110

Merci beaucoup pour ton response.
I think I have decided myself to buy it. If I don't manage to get the ethernet card on I will ask here, but I hope to be able.