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Learn base concept of oracle

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Learn base concept of oracle

I woul like know a little bit of oracle's concept, like a SGA (what is) tablespace...some exential sql command.
Where I can find manuals about oracle data base?

I hope that somebody can help me.

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T G Manikandan
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Re: Learn base concept of oracle

check for the different guides.

check the Oracle Concepts guide for the reqd. info for you.

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Re: Learn base concept of oracle


all the excellent documents are available for free from OTN

You should read the following:

Concepts Guide

Application Developers Guide
Performance Guide

for developers

Backup and Recovery Guide
RMAN guide
backup and recovery guide
Admin guide
backup and recovery Guide
Performance Guide
and most importantly - the backup and recovery guide

for DBA's

Hope this helps!
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malay boy
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Re: Learn base concept of oracle

This is something I have in my PC.It's Oracle for HP.

Master Yogeraj are correct.Go to Oracle OTN site OR if youhave a metalink access then that's a head start.
Especially Metalink there a load of document and there also have forum which you can sent some question if got in trouble.

Welcome to DBA...:-)

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Indira Aramandla
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Re: Learn base concept of oracle


As others mentioned, there are very good documents from 1. Oracle Technology Network (OTN).
Check this

2. If you have Oracle RDBMS softwarte CD's then there should be On-Line Documentation CD as well. You can get information for the version of RDBMS that you have.

3. If you have Metalink access, then you can get basic concepts, problem solving concepts, suggestions, and concepts in depth as well.
In Metalink under Top tech Docuements

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Jim Butler
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Re: Learn base concept of oracle -

Just set your userid up and browse away - Great search tool!
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Jean-Luc Oudart
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Re: Learn base concept of oracle

some web sites you may visit at some stage :

oracle documentation center

some for the dba

tips and co

and your favourite forum ... of course

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