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Memory Windows with Oracle using Service Guard

Kimberly Smith
Occasional Visitor

Memory Windows with Oracle using Service Guard

HP 11i 64-bit 8G RAM
Oracle 32-bit
4 Oracle instances on the same node.

I am trying to get around the 1.75G limitation with Oracle and the SGA for the 4 instances. Memory windows seems to be the way to go and it all seems pretty straight forward.

Has anyone tried this when the databases were running as packages using MC/ServiceGuard? I really have no way to test it so I want to hear of any experiences to see if it went smoothly or not.
Geert Casier

Re: Memory Windows with Oracle using Service Guard

This is possible since we did succeeded to
run 2 Oracle SAP db's in 32 bit mode on 4GB memory in our SG. The limitation of shared memory with 32 bit mode is solved with the
use of memory window's.
What is needed to run Memory Windows?

Memory Windows will run on HP-UX 11.0 either 32 or 64 bit installation. Two patches were released to enable Memory Windows; [PHKL_13810/PACHRDME/English] and PHCO_13811.

These have been superceded. The up to date list as of 3/00 is; [PHKL_18543/PACHRDME/English] ,

[PHCO_19047/PACHRDME/English] , [PHCO_20179/PACHRDME/English] , [PHKL_20995/PACHRDME/English] and PHCO_20443.

More Info see attachment
Andrew Sobb
Occasional Visitor

Re: Memory Windows with Oracle using Service Guard

Kimberley, were you successful with this clustering of 8.1.7 databases in memory windows as we are looking at a similar project?

Andrew Sobb