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Network Browsing Problem

Ivor-John Ross
Occasional Visitor

Network Browsing Problem

I am running AVG (Not NIS), but on first boot in the morning it can take up 40 min to see the other PC's. Ping times are fine.
Peer-2-peer LAN, fixed IP, same workgroup.

Please help.
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: Network Browsing Problem

I'm not familiar with AVG - what do the initials stand for?

If you are talking about a Microsoft network then it sounds like you do not have a WINS server on your network. Do you have a DNS? Are you using netbeui or NetBIOS over TCP/IP or something else? If you open a dos window and type:

nslookup hostname
where hostname is the name of a device you want to see do you get back an IP address (A.B.C.D)?
nslookup A.B.C.D
give you the correct hostname?

What happens with
nbtstat -a hostname
nbtstat -A A.B.C.D

You can add the other hosts to the ...\etc\lmhost or ..\etc\hosts file if you do not have a WINS server. That should be much faster and shouldn't be a problem since you use static addresses. It's even possible to have a single LMHOSTS file kept on a server which everyone can use.

Jorge Pinto Leite
Respected Contributor

Re: Network Browsing Problem

Hi Ivor-John
I'm also running AVG (that stands for AntiVirus Grisoft) with a small network (XP + 2k + Linux/Samba/Apache + W98) with absolutely no problem. So AVG is not your issue.
What sort of systems do you have? How is network made (hub/switch/2systems with crossover cable/...)? What network protocols are you using? How do you handle IP's - fixed or dynamic?
Tell us more about your environment and maybe someone can help.
Ivor-John Ross
Occasional Visitor

Re: Network Browsing Problem

Thanks for the replies!

I will have a look at the nslookup.

I am running a 10MBps LAN, 8 port Genius Hub, peer-2-peer. It is only the HP Laptop (WinXP - NX9010) that struggles to browse. Once it has logged on and discovered the LAN is is fine. I am only running TCP/IP with static IP's.
This is driving my client and I crazy. Any help would be great.