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Problem with writing CD-RW disks

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Problem with writing CD-RW disks

Hi experts!!

We are using several Nero CD writing programs on Windows 2000 and Windows XP workstations.

Here is a quick description:

My colleague writes multisession CD-RW on first machine; then he erases (quick erase) and adds some data on this CD on the second machine AND he can note THE OLD DISK STRUCTURE on first machine â UNTIL REBOOT.

Could you, please, help me in solving the problem.

Thank you in advance.

With best regards, Andre
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Re: Problem with writing CD-RW disks

interesting, i'd bet this has something to do with the way windows caches CD info.

as you're probably aware, a quick erase doesn't zero the data area, just rewrites the TOC with a blank space.

my guess would be that whatever identifiing mark windows is using to cache CD TOCs isn't being erased by the quick erase, and the TOC cache isn't being refreshed by windows.

have you tried refershing(F5)? what about accessing the old data still there, readable?
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