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Oracle 9i RAC setup- Need Help.

Oracle 9i RAC setup- Need Help.

Hi All,

I am going to install RAC I need your help. If you can.

I have explained in attached Doc CURRENT Configuration and NEW.

Please help me and make my life easier.


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Re: Oracle 9i RAC setup- Need Help.

I am sure someone can answer better, but this is just a quick note ....

Qeestion 1: How many RAW devices do you need?
Technically you will only need 1 and the 1 shared non-RAW file system for the ServiceGuard stuff ( I think).

I set-it up, with the help of my SA, with multiple shared RAW and standard file systems. I used seperate RAW partitions for Logs, Data, Index, etc.. Note: You techncially gain very little performance for this (per S.A.M.E. docuemntation). (SAME= Stripe and Mirror Everything).

Question 2: Do you need RAID?
YES. Even though you have two servers the disks become critical and if you have any failure on the disk you would go down ... even though you have two servers. I suggest using RAID 1+0 for all the disks... RAW or not.

Steven E. Protter
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Re: Oracle 9i RAC setup- Need Help.

Oracle recommends raid 1 or raid 10 for any online transaction processing database.

Oracle will list necessary patches. Don't blow it off, check them on the itrc patch database for new ones, download and install dependencies.

Every single line of the install guide matters. If at any point there is an error and you have a chance to hit ignore, don't. GEt on with Oracle support, demand a workaround even if they have to go through the install doc line by line.

These simple steps have improved all my oracle upgrades, database and especially application server upgrades.

Steven E Protter
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Sunil Sharma_1
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Re: Oracle 9i RAC setup- Need Help.


1. How many raw volume requied ?

One raw volume per datafile ? so it depends on you how many datfile you want to keep.

2. RAID level ?

You definetly required raid level to get Fault tolrence ? (It depends on Storage you have ? but it always b atter to use Raid 1 or raid 1+0.

Regarding MC service guard configuration go through this manual.


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