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Oracle8i Parallel Fail Safe

Oracle8i Parallel Fail Safe

Hi All,

I'm currently looking at the different ways to ensure high availability for a business application. At the moment we are running 10 db instances on each node of two node N4000-55 MC/SG cluster and the point is to avoide client reconnect after the package switch. It seems that Fail Safe can provide this ability.

Are there any alive Fail Safe installations?
What are the other methods or technics to get this functionality?

Duncan Edmonstone
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle8i Parallel Fail Safe

OPFS is basically a specially configured and tweaked version of OPS which HP and Oracle developed jointly - so 99% of the code it uses is already out there in many OPS environments. I'm not aware of any actual implementations of OPFS myself - ask HP or Oracle for a reference site.
As for other method of doing this, you should look at Oracle's 'transparent application failover':

OPFS uses this, but it is note exclusive to OPFS. To use it properly in a standard MCSG cluster you may need to look at changing your oracle client code though.