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Process to Completely Clean System Drives

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Process to Completely Clean System Drives

Hi all,

I'm an MVS (mainframe) Systems Programmer/DBA type who was tossed into the HP-ux (11.00) fire several months ago when it was determined that we were no longer going to develop on that platform and our SA mysteriously disappeared.....

We're having the pair of Hp 9000 N4000 Enterprise Servers and corresponding XP256 disk array packaged and returned to HP next week and I'd like to clean off all data. Low to Medium-Low secured data... probably NO need to run several layers of numbers over and over again.

I've spent about an hour searching the forum and see lots of threads discussing ways to format/erase/re-write data on a particular drive but not being Unix savvy wasn't sure where to run said commands or in what order since I'd like to do the whole system not just a drive or two.

I have access to root (scary thought, no?) and can get to sam.

Were you me, how (exactly) would you go about performing this task, the easiest way? (and I promise I won't bother you again...)

DB2 Rules.

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Re: Process to Completely Clean System Drives

Sorry.. this should have been posted in the SA forum.... I've posted it over there.. thanks