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Progress Database error 1124

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C. John Soos
Occasional Contributor

Progress Database error 1124


We have Progress v9.1D (64 bit) databases which intermittently experience the following error:

SYSTEM ERROR: wrong dbkey in block. Found , should be (1124).

Afterwards our DBA verifies the affected DB and states data corruption has occured. The vendor (Progress) insists it is a hardware error: bad RAM, bad disks, bad O/S code, etc. The system patch level is up to March, 2004. I'm not getting any hardware EMS messages relating to failing disks or RAM (I know what those look like!).

Does anyone have any insight into the real cause, and elimination, of 1124-type errors? FYI...the O/S is HP-UX 11i and hardware is an rp5470 4-way, 16GB RAM, backend storage is EMC/Clariion CX600 SAN.

Thanks in advance,

Brad Kozak
Valued Contributor

Re: Progress Database error 1124

Hi John,

I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but I'm afraid Progress is correct. This error almost *always* means a hardware error -- usually disks or disk controllers. It needs to be fixed or the errors will get worse and appear with more frequency.

Search for "SYSTEM ERROR wrong dbkey in block 1124" at the following 2 locations for some reassurances that it is hardware, and *possible* solutions.
click on "Search Solutions"
tick "DBA", and untick everything else

BTW, what did Progress tech support tell you to do? One possible solution is a utility called dbrpr, but I wouldn't mess with it without consulting Progress' tech support.


C. John Soos
Occasional Contributor

Re: Progress Database error 1124


Thanks for the information and the link to the "PEG" website!