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Software Distributor

Gary Stewart_1
Occasional Advisor

Software Distributor

I have just rebuilt an N4000 to 11.0. I am trying to swinstall from another box. I can ping the box and when I go into swinstall, I can see the box.I can only see the SD_CDROM in the "Source depot path" box tho.I know this is basic, but it defines the problem

Any Ideas.

Gary Stewart
Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: Software Distributor

If you attempting to install software off a mounted CD drive from a different system, the best way is to have it exported from this system so that the target system can see it.

e.g. CD is mounted on system 'fred' and you want system 'chuck' to the drive to install software.

entry in /etc/exports on system 'fred'
/cdrom -anon=65534,ro,root=chuck,access=chuck

on system 'fred'
# exportfs -a

on system 'chuck'
# mkdir /rcdrom
# mount fred:/SD_CDROM /rcdrom

The you should be able to utilise the /rcdrom as a local directory.

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Darrell Allen
Honored Contributor

Re: Software Distributor

Hi Gary,

The Source Depot Path box will only list depots registered on the remote system. Apparantly, only SD_CDROM is registered on that remote system.

To register the depot:
login on the remote system
swreg -l depot /depot_path

To list registered depots on a remote system:
swlist -l depot @ remote_host

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Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Software Distributor

I strongly recommend using swreg on the box with the CDROM and not using NFS to export the CD. NFS is slow and not very reliable, while the remote install capability that is part of the SD tools is really designed for this purpose.

Once the CD is registered on the remote machine, you can issue swlist commands for all the levels. swlist -l product @ remotesystem:/SD_CDOM, swlist -l bundle @ ..., etc, all work just fine pointing to the remote system.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Reinhard Burger
Frequent Advisor

Re: Software Distributor

Isn't it possible to temprarly mount the cd-rom on the remote system to /SD_CDROM on the remote system. This would allow you to access the software on the cdrom for installation using default values for remote hosts in swinstall. Honestly i do not konw if this really works.

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