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append data to data already in a column

Super Advisor

append data to data already in a column

In oracle, I need to add " -special " to the end of certain records in a specific column in a table.

Table emp
emp # name address
123 frank 123 anywhere
122 susan 144 baywater
121 billy 146 anywhere
125 laurie 144 street
table is huge...

Now I have a list of emp #'s that need the name appended with special.

So it should look like:
122 susan -special 144 baywater

I guess I would need to use sql loader?
How would I set it up?
Super Advisor

Re: append data to data already in a column

Sorry guys figured it out after I sent this.

SET name = name || ' -special
WHERE empno IN (list of emp #'s you have)