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booting problem

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booting problem

hi everyone,

i have a p3 cpu that gives this message when booting: "Remove disks or other media"

how do i solve this? this is the 2nd time i'm posting this because the thread to this posting was removed for some reasons.


al idencio
Roger Faucher
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Re: booting problem

Hello Al:

Is that the exact message? I've never seen a message worded quite like that. I would assume that there is either a floppy or CD inserted in your system (or possibly, a 'bootable' USB key). If not, perhaps a drive failure.

Please post the exact message and the OS you're trying to boot. Also, indicate what happens before the failure.

Make a great day!

Make a great day!

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Re: booting problem

You have a non bootable disk in the computer - a floppy disk or a CD or a flash/USB disk
Have a look at this link from Microsoft
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Jorge Pinto Leite
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Re: booting problem

Does your system supports the hot key to select boot device? If so, when you instruct him to boot from HDD does the same happens?

Also, you might have a corrupt HDD.