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how to stop adpatch workers so they will restart again?

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Dave Chamberlin
Trusted Contributor

how to stop adpatch workers so they will restart again?

I am running adpatch on a large Oracle 11i patch (been a few days with interuptions). I want to stop all workers, shutdown the database, maybe reboot - to fix memory problems (like being out of it - see post with usdsop). Can I do this with adctrl option 3? My main concern is to restart the patch where it left off...

James A. Donovan
Honored Contributor

Re: how to stop adpatch workers so they will restart again?

I suggest you review Metalink article 76535.1

It discusses how to recover from failed patch attempts, including issues with workers dying.

You have decided to start all over and resubmit ADPATCH from the beginning, but you get the error that FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES already exits. How is FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES related and why does ADPATCH have a problem with it?
FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES is a table that is created by AUTOINSTALL, ADPATCH and ADADMIN utilities. Normally the above utilities will remove this table after they complete. This table might exist if you are running any of the above processes. So, if you are also applying another application patch at the same time, the table might exist for the other patch. AUTOINSTALL and ADPATCH should NEVER be run at the same time. Dropping the FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES table should only be done if you are NOT in the middle of running AUTOINSTALL, ADADMIN or applying another patch. In the case of AUTOINSTALL this table along with the restart files in the $APPL_TOP contains all of the inormation needed to restart AUTOINSTALL. Consider this scenario: You are running the install and you get instructions to obtain a patch (usually this would be an FND patch) and you attempt to use ADPATCH to install the patch. If you were to drop FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES at this point, you would have to start your install over. However, you could backup FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES and the restart files. Then run adpatch to install the patch. Then restore FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES and the restart files, and continue the installation. If you want to drop the table, you will need to login as the owner of the FND tables. Normally this is APPLSYS. Then type the following: drop table fnd_install_processes;

16. ADPATCH has failed and it indicated there was an error with a worker. What steps can be taken to investigate this problem?

When ADPATCH is using workers, it (ADPATCH) keeps track of what jobs the workers are doing with a table in the database called FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES. Look at the bottom of the log file associated with the worker that failed (i.e. adwork01.log or adwork02.log or adwork03.log) There is a utility ADCTRL that can be used to update FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES. This utility will allow you to reset a flag in FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES. This will allow ADPATCH to restart the failed step. ADCTRL has a menu with 7 options. Choose option one on the ADCTRL menu to review the worker status. Other workers will wait for the failed worker. Choose option two on the menu to fix the worker. Place in the worker number and hit return. Check the status of worker again using option one. The status should have changed to "fixed restart." Try restarting the patch again. (This assumes you have fixed the problem that caused the worker to fail, increased rollback segments, max extents, etc...)
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Madhu Sudhan_1
Respected Contributor

Re: how to stop adpatch workers so they will restart again?

Your approach is right. If a patch has failed, adpatch automatically checks and it prompts you with "restart from previous session". Choose Yes to proceed. Otherwise drop fnd_install_processes and re-apply the entire patch.

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