installing debian w/smart array 3200

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installing debian w/smart array 3200

hi, I'm trying to installed Debian onto a proliant 5500 w/a smart array 3200 in slot 7 using the compact installation image.
at the boot prompt
I'm trying
boot: linux smart2=0x7000 mem=256M
as my boot string and am getting a message 'Sorry I don't know how to access the SMART Array controller.

Does anybody have experience installing debian on a server w/a smart array that could explain the process.
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Re: installing debian w/smart array 3200

It might actually help to know which release of debian you are using.

This search provides some hits, but not with Debian.

Does it have to be Debian? Red Hat 7 and 8 and presumably 9 appear to be compatible.

See the search, maybe you can tweak it a bit.

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Jerome Henry
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Re: installing debian w/smart array 3200

Steven is right in that way that HT provides driver (and tut) to support smart array 3200, get the whole stuff here :
Whatsoever, thing is that you have to patch your kernel to support it, not only the boot loader, but the kernel itself.
Here is the process (under Debian, get some cofee !) :
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Re: installing debian w/smart array 3200

It might be a poblem due to the fact that by default Woody boots a 2.2 kernel. You should try booting the stock 2.4.18 kernel, replacing "linux" by "bf24" at the boot prompt


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Re: installing debian w/smart array 3200

In answer to some of the previous question - the image/debian version I'm using is debian 3.0 the compact iso.

The 2.4 kernel distro bf2.4 doesn't work. I know it doesn't load the cpqarray driver in the installer kernel.

With that said - I did get the compact version that I was trying previously to work and simply by booting it w/o arguments. I guess I was trying to get too fancy.

I am having a problem w/the ethernet not installing routes into the routing table but that could be many things --

thanks for the suggestions.