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installing oracle 9.

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Ignacio Rodríguez Arrós
Frequent Advisor

installing oracle 9.

I`m trying to install oracle 9 in hp-ux 11i, and when i try to execute runInstaller , it tells me runInstaller permision denie, althougt i put chmod 777 for all the files under instalation directory. why can it be
Massimo Bianchi
Honored Contributor

Re: installing oracle 9.

first thing: check directory permission of /tmp.

The runInstaller needs to write some files there.

Second: check the user starting runInstaller, should be oracle (and should be able to write in /tmp)

Third: check DISPLAY variable, does it works ? Can you start an Xclock ?

Fourth: check permission of /var/opt/oracle if exists and open it to 777, with underneath directory,


Hakan Eren
Occasional Advisor

Re: installing oracle 9.

another reason may be that you downloaded
IA itanium version. For PA-Risc:
for itanium:
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: installing oracle 9.

The permissions on the download files should not be 777, though thats not the issue.

The download files need to be uncompressed via cpio, the commands are on the website you downloaded the files from.

You need to have created an oracle user and that user must have execute permissions on the directory that the downloads are stored.

The DISPLAY variable should be set as follows:

export DISPLAY

Have at it.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Sunil Sharma_1
Honored Contributor

Re: installing oracle 9.


Check permission on /tmp directory.

if possible post the exact error message hear.

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Ignacio Rodríguez Arrós
Frequent Advisor

Re: installing oracle 9.

the prblem was the version, i downloaded, instead
R. Allan Hicks
Trusted Contributor

Re: installing oracle 9.

You've probably already checked all of this, but........

Are you installing from CD?

If yes, did you go through the pfs exercise?

* edit the /etc/pfs_fstab file
* start the pfs daemons as root
nohup pfs_mountd&
nohup pfsd&

What about the ownership/permissions of the directory at the mount point? Does the oracle account (You should be installing as oracle) have the proper permissions on that directory?

You should invoke the runInstaller as oracle from some directory other than the mount point because you'll have to change CDs. So, when you invoke the installer it should be in the form:


-Good Luck
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Hari Kumar
Trusted Contributor

Re: installing oracle 9.


change the ownership of the oracle user...
before this create a group dba as a primary group...

after this change the ownership of the user...
chown username:groupname filesystem

username is the oracle username
groupname is the oracle group (ex:dba,oinstall)
filesystem is were u wish to carry out the installation...

hope this will work out...
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Occasional Advisor

Re: installing oracle 9.

you have to be oracle user first and dba group,
check the /tmp directory and the read write permessions for it
run the installer as follows from root directory:
best of luk
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