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jetdirect setup

Dean Lanoue
Occasional Visitor

jetdirect setup

I am trying to setup printing with samba 2.0.6. I want to be able to print to a
jetdirect card in a LJ8000N printer. any documentation on this would be greatly
Eric Simmons
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Re: jetdirect setup

Use Web JetAdmin... Regular Jet Admin will not work.
Tom Rymes
Occasional Visitor

Re: jetdirect setup

I have seen many posts in various places on the net regarding Jetdirect setup and Linux. Many times people refer users to Web JetAdmin.

Unless I am mistaken, Web Jet Admin is for installing and configuring the printer itself, not for setting the computer up to print to the printer.

As JetDirect card, among other things, run LPR services, it should be fairly straightforward to set up a Linux client's /etc/printcap file to print to an HP PostScript capable printer.

This is what I would like to know: What do I put in my Linux box's /etc/printcap file to allow me to print to, for example, an HP LJ4050TN via lpr?

Jiri Furst

Re: jetdirect setup

We use a HPLJ 4 PS and an external jetdirect with 3 printer ports (i.e. device with one network interface and
three parallel ports). The jetdirect itself support BSD printing system i.e. it communicates with standard linux lpd and it supports 2 queues for each printer port (text1, raw1, text2, raw2 and text3, raw3 - i am not sure if the names for raw queues are correct, but if you will print PostScript, you should use text queue).

So, our jetdirect has name and our LaserJet is connected to port 2. Therefore we use in /etc/printcap following items:


You should add some print filters (for example via RedHat's printtool).
For samba

By the way, you can use also CUPS for network printing (see There is also a documentation describing the CUPS setup for samba.