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replace UTL_FILE with other utility

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replace UTL_FILE with other utility

Hi All,

We are in the process of a database consolidation project, we want all the apps and users to access our db server via database connections ONLY.

We have some java apps calling some PL/SQL stored procedures which use UTL_FILE to read and write files to our database server file system.

We need to replace the UTL_FILE usage with other programs to eliminate db server file system access.

Could you point out what other utilities or even java stored procedures to replace UTL_FILE and allow use to continue to write out files to network share drive?



Honored Contributor

Re: replace UTL_FILE with other utility

hi Jane,

It is more a database level question and has nothing to do with the underlying operating system. Which version Oracle are you using?

Technologies coming to my mind right now are: External Tables and WEBDAV.

kind regards
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Re: replace UTL_FILE with other utility

As he said, this is a question of design and database system.

If you absolutely have to remove file-system access you have to move the files into the database. Store them as BLOB/CLOB/XML documents. Chosen design is depending on what kinda files and the use of them.

If this is Oracle9 or newer you should atleast remove UTL_FILE and start using DIRECTORY. UTL_FILE is not recommended due to security issues. With DIRECTORY you can give separate oracle-users different rights on the directories(READ/WRITE).
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