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sendmail and exchange 2k


sendmail and exchange 2k

I need configue hpux 11.11 with sendmail for relay server, but first i need configure internal communication between my exchange and sendmail in my lan.I have in the same domains the hpux and a server with windows 2k server and exchange 2k. My sendmail have the email domain and my exchange server For send some emails between my exchange server to my sendmail i have configured a SMTP conector in my exchange server to my hpux, but any email is not send to my hpux. I haven´t problem with my dns and my SMTP protocol because i can do telnet to the 25 port, but i have a message in the monitoring message tool (exchange2k) that indicate that the message can´t be send.
Somebody can tell me, if i need configure or edit some file for simple mail communication between my sendmail and exchange 2k.??
I edit the variable DM in the file with "" for send message to my exchange but the email never is send to my exchange,the message present is that my address (by example) is not found.Why?
Please help.
Sridhar Bhaskarla
Honored Contributor

Re: sendmail and exchange 2k

Hi David,

In order for your exchange server to forward to dagaonzal account on hp-ux server, you will need to setup an alias on your exchange server to forward the mail to your hpux server. I don't know how the exchange server is to be configured (some with exchange knowledge may respond) but it would be something like this


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Geoff Wild
Honored Contributor

Re: sendmail and exchange 2k

I need some clarification as to what you are trying to accomplish...

Where do you want email generated on your HPUX server to go to? if you want all to go to exchange, then set the DS macro in

For relaying, do you want to relay from your sendmail server?
add to /etc/mail/access
Then generate a new map:
makemap hash /etc/mail/access restart sendmail

If you do a

# nslookup
> set type=mx

What is returned?

If not your HP-UX server, then DNS is not setup right...

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Re: sendmail and exchange 2k

Hi Geoff Wild,
First, i need test the email communication between my exchange and sendmail, for that i need send emails between exchange and sendmails. Then i need configure my sendmail for relay any emails from my exchange server to the world.
Thanks a lot.
Jose Mosquera
Honored Contributor

Re: sendmail and exchange 2k


I remember have solved a similar case, pls check my answer in:


Re: sendmail and exchange 2k

Thanks Geoff Wild, but i don´t understand anythings.
The variable DS and the file access can´t work together, why? When i configure DS i couldn´t send emails to the world.
My server exchange 2k can send emails to the world throughout my hpux, but i can´t send emails since exchange to sendmail at my hpux in my own lan, why??

Please help