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HP rp8400


HP rp8400

Dear All

I have rp8400 server with two LAN cards
one is primary and one is standby.

i configure an IP address for the primary card.

i have two questions :

1. How i can make the configration for the client so they can access the server without knowing it's real IP Address by using virtual ip address?

2. In case the primary card or it's connection is going down how i can make the standby configration so it can take over primary IP address?

Thank you all
Sanjiv Sharma_1
Honored Contributor

Re: HP rp8400

Hi David,

You need to get "MC/ Service Guard" software which is a priced product.

You can configure the rp8400 as a stand alone cluster.You can configure primary and standby lan. Also you can configure virtual ip with which the users are going to talk to the unix box.

When the primary lan card fails. The ips will move to the standby lan.

Everything is possible
Karthik S S
Honored Contributor

Re: HP rp8400

You can also use HP APA software to create a virtual Interface combining both the LAN cards,

-KarthiK S S
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