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Command View Upgrade to 9.2

peter ashford_1
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Command View Upgrade to 9.2

Hello - I am currently running version Version: of command view and plan to upgrade to 9.2 on a windows 2003 ent box. Is this upgrade as simple as uninstalling the old version and installing the new one, and once installed click on 'discover' to bring in the SAN config?
Or is it not that simple?!?

One other question; do I need to do anything with licenses currently loaded into command view? I have read varying processes; one was to export and re-import (although I cannot see an export license option in command view), and the other was suggesting that the license is loaded into the controller itself and when I discover the SAN in CV 9.2 the license will come through.

Any advice greatly appreciated.


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Re: Command View Upgrade to 9.2

Save the licenses just to have a backup.

Uninstall old command view and install new version. You are done.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Command View Upgrade to 9.2

make sure you don't store anything important in the command view directory.
the install does a simple "del *.*" in this tree, thus deleting everything.
also it is a good idead to run a "capture configuration" from sssu to get the array configuration in a file. this command gives you several scripts which can be used to rebuild just in case disaster were ever to strike in the future.
Tim Chilton
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Re: Command View Upgrade to 9.2

I just upgraded a week or so ago. It went surprisingly smoothly. Remember to capture your config from the array and make sure that you have a good backup of your CVEVA server. Since our server had mirrored drives onboard, I powered down, popped out one of the mirrored drives and powered back up. that way I had a really easy revert option. Once the upgrade completed and I made sure that all was well, I popped the drive back in and let the RAID set rebuild.