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Unable to see host..

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Unable to see host..

I recently zoned a an existing server to an existing clariion box.. problem is that server and clariion cannot see each other.. I have verified the zoning and it is done correctly.. port is showing as logged in on the switch but when i run portloginshow, this is what I see

portloginshow 19
Type PID World Wide Name credit df_sz cos
fe 031300 20:00:00:e0:69:f0:4d:11 2 2048 c scr=3
ff 031300 20:00:00:e0:69:f0:4d:11 4 2048 c d_id=FFFFFC

whereas for other ports i see something like this

portloginshow 18
Type PID World Wide Name credit df_sz cos
fe 031200 20:00:00:e0:69:a4:94:a0 2 2048 c scr=3
ff 031200 20:00:00:e0:69:a4:94:a0 4 2048 c d_id=FFFFFC
ff 031200 20:00:00:e0:69:a4:94:a0 4 2048 c d_id=FFFFFA

difference is that there are three entries for other ports but for port 19 it is showing only 2 entries

Does it make a difference?
Pieter 't Hart
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Re: Unable to see host..

d_id=FFFFFA has to do with a "management server".
>>> It is permissible for a node to request topology information from any other node in the fabric. The RTIN ELS shall be sent to any node identified by its address identifier. The RTIN ELS is typically sent by a node to a switch via the Management Server at well-known address hex 'FFFFFA' <<<

maybe this "management server" process is not active on this host.
check the HBA is set to "fabric".