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Global Dashboard and PowerShell

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Global Dashboard and PowerShell

I'm trying to search my Global Dashboard appliance for an enclosure using HPE POSH 4.0 and keep getting:

Get-HPOVEnclosure : The specified Enclosure '***' was not found on '***' appliance.
Please check the name and try again.

I'm using PowerShell 5.0, and Global Dashboard 1.50.

This does work when I do the same search in the Global Dashboard web GUI, and the OneView appliance managing the enclosure (both web GUI and PowerShell). I have multiple OneView appliances. I was hoping to query just the Global Dashboard to find the OneView appliance managing the enclosure.

What am I doing wrong?

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Re: Global Dashboard and PowerShell

OneView Global Dashboard does not have a public API at this time. Since PowerShell cmdlets rely on the appliance API to function, they cannot operate with Global Dashboard appliances.


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Re: Global Dashboard and PowerShell

Any ETA on API supportable version 1.6 ? 

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Re: Global Dashboard and PowerShell

It's not my role to quote an exact date, but very soon for API support.

PowerShell support is done separate from the Global Dashboard product team and may take addtional time after product release.