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OneView Alert Mails - Filtering out Multiple Conditions

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Michael Leu
Honored Contributor

OneView Alert Mails - Filtering out Multiple Conditions

I am trying to create a Email Filter in OneView 3.00.08 which should trigger on status:critical and status:warning but ignore the following events:

healthCategory:Appliance eventTypeID:Alerts.DBMaxCapacity
healthCategory:Network eventTypeID:Trap.cpqNic3ConnectivityLost
healthCategory:Network eventTypeID:Trap.HealthStatusArrayCategoryStatus

Any idea how this could be accomplished? Because it seems only one "NOT" is allowed in a query...

Neighborhood Moderator

Re: OneView Alert Mails - Filtering out Multiple Conditions

You will need to change your search criteria to something like the following:

NOT alertTypeID:trap.cpqHeThermalTempDegraded NOT alertTypeID:trap.cpqFca2PhyDrvStatusChange

Re: OneView Alert Mails - Filtering out Multiple Conditions

I had luck leveraging a format like below, I used the Activity view and search option to help isolate a search string that seems to work.

status:critical status:warning NOT alertTypeID:trap.cpqHeThermalTempDegraded NOT alertTypeID:trap.cpqFca2PhyDrvStatusChange

Since I don't have the same data, I can't validate, however for the example provided I would try:

status:critical status:warning NOT alertTypeID: Alerts.DBMaxCapacity NOT alertTypeID::Trap.cpqNic3ConnectivityLost NOT alertTypeID::Trap.HealthStatusArrayCategoryStatus

David Claussen
Regular Advisor

Re: OneView Alert Mails - Filtering out Multiple Conditions

In your question, I see a lot of alert/email formatting. I have been searching for this type of information for months.

I have a new install of OneView Standard 3.10.07-0310774. I have a handfull of ProLiant DL380s and 360s added to it.

As stated in other posts, when setting an allert for simply warning and critical, I receive 6 alert emails when a server reboots.

I would like to be able to create an alert something like this:   status:warning status:critical Physical Drive Status Change  

Is there a document anywhere that can help me with creating alerts that are very specific? I am looking to alert on failed hard drives, failed power supplies, etc, but only things like that. When a server reboots, I receive and alert that the network connectivity to iLO has been lost. I don't want to see that hence the request for being very specific with alert definicians.

Thanks all!

- Dave Claussen