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OneView Alert Mails - Filtering out Multiple Conditions

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Michael Leu
Honored Contributor

OneView Alert Mails - Filtering out Multiple Conditions

I am trying to create a Email Filter in OneView 3.00.08 which should trigger on status:critical and status:warning but ignore the following events:

healthCategory:Appliance eventTypeID:Alerts.DBMaxCapacity
healthCategory:Network eventTypeID:Trap.cpqNic3ConnectivityLost
healthCategory:Network eventTypeID:Trap.HealthStatusArrayCategoryStatus

Any idea how this could be accomplished? Because it seems only one "NOT" is allowed in a query...

Neighborhood Moderator

Re: OneView Alert Mails - Filtering out Multiple Conditions

You will need to change your search criteria to something like the following:

NOT alertTypeID:trap.cpqHeThermalTempDegraded NOT alertTypeID:trap.cpqFca2PhyDrvStatusChange

Re: OneView Alert Mails - Filtering out Multiple Conditions

I had luck leveraging a format like below, I used the Activity view and search option to help isolate a search string that seems to work.

status:critical status:warning NOT alertTypeID:trap.cpqHeThermalTempDegraded NOT alertTypeID:trap.cpqFca2PhyDrvStatusChange

Since I don't have the same data, I can't validate, however for the example provided I would try:

status:critical status:warning NOT alertTypeID: Alerts.DBMaxCapacity NOT alertTypeID::Trap.cpqNic3ConnectivityLost NOT alertTypeID::Trap.HealthStatusArrayCategoryStatus

David Claussen
Regular Advisor

Re: OneView Alert Mails - Filtering out Multiple Conditions

In your question, I see a lot of alert/email formatting. I have been searching for this type of information for months.

I have a new install of OneView Standard 3.10.07-0310774. I have a handfull of ProLiant DL380s and 360s added to it.

As stated in other posts, when setting an allert for simply warning and critical, I receive 6 alert emails when a server reboots.

I would like to be able to create an alert something like this:   status:warning status:critical Physical Drive Status Change  

Is there a document anywhere that can help me with creating alerts that are very specific? I am looking to alert on failed hard drives, failed power supplies, etc, but only things like that. When a server reboots, I receive and alert that the network connectivity to iLO has been lost. I don't want to see that hence the request for being very specific with alert definicians.

Thanks all!

- Dave Claussen

Occasional Visitor

Re: OneView Alert Mails - Filtering out Multiple Conditions

Trying to setup some filter in Oneview and it seems to work fine as long as i can find the cpq string in event details, but how to exclude one of these? as there is no "cpq" string in the error details.

The overall status of the system network is in the error state.

  1. Health category InterconnectBay
  1. Event details
  1. portId


  2. portStatus


  3. resourceUri