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OneView chooses wrong iLO license type


OneView chooses wrong iLO license type

We have some BL460c Gen9 iLOs that had issues at first communicating with OneView and the configuration couldn't be applied by OneView.  We don't have any special configuration.  It's just the basics that OneView does, like adding an account and setting NTP.  OneView says the iLO is licensed for HP OneView Advanced w/o iLO.  It should be an HP OneView Advanced license.  I checked the iLO and it didn't have a license key.  When I refreshed the server hardware, it still said it's licensed for HP OneView Advanced w/o iLO.  We have licenses available in OneView for both types.  I rebooted the iLO.  I rebooted the iLO, also, with no luck.  I haven't tried reapplying the profile yet.  The server I'm working on is in production, so I'd have to get an outage window to do that, and it's not a work stoppage condition.

I have not opened a case with HP yet.

How do I get the iLO licensed with the correct type?  I can apply a license through HPE SIM, but I shouldn't have to use those licenses.

OneView version:  2.00.08

Licenses available:
HP OneView Advanced: 108 available
HP OneView Advanced w/o iLO:  116 available

Same result with both browsers in Windows 7 Enterprise:
Firefox 52.0.1
IE 11.0.9600

Forgot to add that the iLO firmware is 2.50.


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Re: OneView chooses wrong iLO license type

For OneView on C7000 blades the license type isn't dictated at the server level. When you add a C7000 chassis you select the license type to use for every blade in that chassis. At thsi time you cannot change it without removing the chassis and re-adding it.That requires down time for every balde in the chassis..


Re: OneView chooses wrong iLO license type

Two enclosures I looked at use the HP OneView Advanced w/o iLO policy, but the blades have a mix of the two license types.  I don't know how many moved from other enclosures.  I'll have to pay attention to that and see.  For now, I'll just use licenses from SIM.  I'll update this when I find out something for sure.  I know that if an iLO does get a OneView Advanced license from OneView, it's not necessarily the key that was put in for that enclosure.  OneView uses a key from the pool of licenses that have been entered for all the enclosures with the type license it assigns.

Re: OneView chooses wrong iLO license type


I have the same issue, but i don't have licences "without ilo". So, i'm stuck. I have individual licences (not Enclosure 16 seats licences)

I don't know why, but sometimes, a server goes to HPE "OneView Advanced" and sometimes goes to "HPE OneView Advanced w/o iLO". 

In case your server goes to "w/o iLO", you can manualy enter the iLO Advanced licence in the iLO web page, and all is OK.

If your server have an iLO Advanbced Licence, the server goes automaticaly in "HPE OneView Advanced w/o iLO" and it's too late to change it after that. Even remove server, Enclosure, remove profile and so on, you cannot change that.

To remove the iLO licence before register a server in OneView. To do that, follow this post : https://community.hpe.com/t5/ProLiant-Servers-ML-DL-SL/Remove-iLO-License-Key/td-p/4262035

I try to change licences with PowerShell commands for OneView, but there is no commands. My OneView is a 3.00 version.

Thank you for your feedback.

Loïc, from AntemetA, France

Re: OneView chooses wrong iLO license type

Our experience with iLO licenses and yours is about the same.  I wish we had more control over the licenses, but as soon as a blade is inserted, it uses one type of license or another.  I wish it would be done either when a profile is applied or when told to do so, whichever is first.  The last couple of blades were different, though.  OneView said it was using the OneView w/o iLO license, but there was no license key, so it should have used OneView Advanced licenses.  I just used SIM to license them.  If we have more like these, I'll open a case with HP.