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Upgrade path to OneView 4.1.08

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Upgrade path to OneView 4.1.08

Currently running oneView version 3.00. In reading the release notes to get to current version I'm thinking it would like the folowing -

3.0 --> 3.10

3.10 --> 3.10.10

3.10.10 --> 4.10.08

Does this sound about right? Runnin a Hyper-V version and did not see an upgrade download to 3.10 and everything I read says to get to 4.10.08 you need to be running at a minimum 3.10.04. 04 wasn;t on the download page either. Thaanks for reading


Re: Upgrade path to OneView 4.1.08

Although this page is specific to Synergy Composer versions, you will find most of what you need there.


The latest release HPE OneView Downloads is 4.10.04

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