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Global index server storage usage

Occasional Advisor

Global index server storage usage

Hi, I have IMC 5.2, and the version 5.1 had in global index ->system others server storage usage. 

Well in this version 5.2 I can't find server storage usage.


Please can you tell me how add custom index with server storage usage?.


Thanx alot!!!

Honored Contributor

Re: Global index server storage usage

I'm just looking at my lab 5.2 system, and i can see settings there for storage usage.


I go Resource -> Performance Management -> Global Index Settings. That shows me page 1 of 8.


I then click the arrow to go to page 2, and I can see "System: Others"


If I expand that, I can see "Server Storage Usage", where I can go and set thresholds.


I can also assign this as a default monitoring index. (System -> System Configuration ->Default Monitoring Indexes, Expand System, Expand Others).


Can you post some screenshots of those pages where you expect to see it, but can't?

Occasional Advisor

Re: Global index server storage usage

That work, done.


Thank you alot!!