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IMC cant communicate with SNMP Device.

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IMC cant communicate with SNMP Device.


Yesterday have upgraded IMC from version 7.2 to 7.3. Since that upgrade i have some problems with connection from IMC to switches via SNMPv3. At 7.2 Version there wasnt any problem at all. 

This kind of information send IMC:

Trap Name:  Device MIB Access Exception
Severity:  Warn
Trap Time:  2017-09-14 08:49:30
Description:  Error occurred when accessing the MIB on device

When i want to try to test the connection via SNMPv3  and want to select snmp template i have this error:

The templates do not have mapping relationship with the device parameters

I checked the connection with snmpget.exe with same cridentials and i have got right information.

When i checked communication using wireshark i have info "encryptedPDU: privKey Unknown."

Its strange cause on same template works over 50 devices and only 3 devices have problem to connect.

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Re: IMC cant communicate with SNMP Device.


I have seen this error message before but in that case someone had copied the engine id over with a configuration generation and the usm-user account keys were then invalid. Undoing the SNMP engine ID and then removing and reapplying the usm-user account for IMC fixed this. Perhaps try this on one of your three problem devices and see if it fixes the issue. 

This may not be the same issue but my steps might give you a clue. 




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Re: IMC cant communicate with SNMP Device.


I will check it but i guess its not the solution. 

The configuration of the switch:

snmpv3 enable

snmpv3 only

snmpv3 user with sha and aes128 

snmpv3 group managerpriv user sec-model ver3

When i reconfigure switch to accept snmpv2 connection with r/w community public/private everything seems to be okay.

So the IMC have a problem with snmpv3 only. And i suppouse it cannot put proper data in PDU. 

When i looked at he information that i recieved from switch i see information: "msgPrivacyParameters: <MISSING>"


Any1 know whre to look for logs from update?


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Re: IMC cant communicate with SNMP Device.

The deploy log you can find here: <drive>:\Program Files\iMC\deploy\log

Please contact the HPE customer support, if you didn't find the problem himself.

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Re: IMC cant communicate with SNMP Device.

Dalamar,  I am having the same issue.  Did you find a solution?