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Moving from Windows (MSSQL) to Linux (MySQL)

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Moving from Windows (MSSQL) to Linux (MySQL)

Is there a documented way of moving between OS'es and different database structures?

What about moving from a Windows Server environment with MSSQL Enterprise to Linux RHEL with MySQL? Can I just backup and restore with DBman?


Re: Moving from Windows (MSSQL) to Linux (MySQL)

There isn't, because DB Migration won't work between different types (MSSQL, MySQL) of databases. It only works between different versions of the same type of DB. From the Windows Migration Guide:

In the old environment, IMC and the database may be on the same server or a remote server. In both
• IMC must be the same version and the database must be the same type, that is, both
environments must be installed either with Microsoft SQL or MySQL. Database restore to a
different database type is not supported.
• The database and OS variants may be different (Standard or Enterprise).
• The database can be the same or a newer version. Please check compatibility of different
database versions with the vendor’s documentation.

The only way to migrate some configurations would be to use the 'export' features where available. For example Resource Management > Import/Export Device to migrate the devices from one install to another.

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