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Spectrum Guard - How to enable?


Spectrum Guard - How to enable?

Hi all,


I would like to enable Spectrum Guard.

On the Spectrum Guard page the AC is not displayd as it should be according the admin guide (p 456).

Then I can't continue configuring SG.


Has anyone an idea what I 've missed?


Thanx Jaap


HP iMC MC PLAT 7.0 (E0202)

MC WSM 7.0 (E0202)

MS 430 (1 as test) placed in monitor mode.

Sietze Reitsma
Respected Contributor

Re: Spectrum Guard - How to enable?

Spectrum analysis in WSM is at the moment only working with Unified controllers/appliances like 830, 850, 870 and Unified controllers blades for 75xx/105xx.

Ofcourse spectrum analysis will work in MSM controllers, but you cannot configure it via IMC-WSM.