Mike Rightmire
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I wanted to apologize to those of you who did not (until recently) receive points for your assistance to my questions. I am new to UNIX, as well as this forum, and I did not correctly grasp the assignment of the points.

Hopefully all of you who have offered assistance have received your points and I again apologize for my inadvertent inconsideration.

Thanks again and I look forward to your continued assistance and, eventually, my assisting others.

With thanks,

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Dan Hetzel
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Re: Apologies

Hi Mike,

First of all, welcome aboard !!

I've seen on your profile page that you have assigned points to all the answers but 1 (2 with this one).
This is very good, a lot better than average.
No need to apologize for that...

Of course, you don't have to assign points to my answer as it isn't really deserving any.

If you don't want it to appear as a "pointless" answer, select the "N/A" in the list.

Best regards,

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