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Pre-Authentication on OfficeConnect

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Pre-Authentication on OfficeConnect



We're using 3CREVF100-73 OfficeConnect VPN Firewall. We have a dozen of cameras behind it, which have RTSP streaming. We would like to access those cameras from the internet, using rtsp://address:port/streamname in a player such as VLC media player. So far, that's working ok. Would it be possible to have authentication on router, so that, once we entered the stream address in VLC, it asks us for username and/or password, and then go directly to stream (disable authentication on cameras). This would make changing of password a lot easier (as it has to be done frequently).

Any help is highly appreciated.

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Re: Pre-Authentication on OfficeConnect

May be, you can configure an VPN and connect to rstp://localaddress directly .

Someone else has an idea?