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Routing with multiple vlans - not working

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Routing with multiple vlans - not working

Hello all,

I think I've misunderstood something conceptual about routing and vlans.

Firewall is doing all Layer 3 routing in the LAN and its GW is on the MPLS Router.
Firewall connected to a Core Switch in a ethernet trunk. (Firewall on a stick)
Core Sw connected to MPLS Router in a interconnect vlan.
Firewall has several subinterfaces that are tagged with a vlan each.
Core Sw has 1 IP in a MGT vlan. Gateway is in the same MGT vlan.
Gateway for all switches is the MGT vlan IP on the firewall.

When I add an IP in on of the other vlans on the core switch or on of my acces switches, I'm not able to ping it from another subnet. And I can't ping anything using that IP as source.

I guess it's a simple "rule" that I'm just not getting. But in my head, the packet should go to the GW and be resolved, boom, done, routing etc. But it's like the packet never arrives on the firewall.

I hope it makes sense, if not, please ask. I really need to understand what I'm doing wrong.



Re: Routing with multiple vlans - not working

Hi  ClausJP,

I am still trying to understand your requirement.

I oreder to better understand the setup could you please share the Topology diagaram.

I am a HPE Employee