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Static LAG with switch from another brand

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Static LAG with switch from another brand



I know that this question is a stretch, but if someone could drop a hint I would be very grateful.

I have two managed switches, one is a Procruve J9028B (1800-24G), the other is a TP-Link TL-SG1024DE.


I want to create a LAG between both but I am unsure if it can work at all.

While the TL-SG1024DE has the simple Static LAG setting page, the Procurve has other naming schemes that might mean the same thing or not, for example:

- Trunk Membership (Aggregation);

- LACP Setup;


The TL-SG1024DE switch doesn't seem to have any LACP settings, so that seems to be a dead end, but the Trunk Membership - is it possible that it achieves the same funcionality as the TP-Link's Static LAG?


On the TP-Link I've created a Static LAG (LAG 1) using ports 15 and 17, then on the Procurve I've created a Trunk Membership (Trunk T1) (Aggregation Mode: SMAC XOR DMAC) using ports 16 and 18; port 15<->16 and port 17<->18. The idea is essentially to create a 2Gbps uplink instead of a single 1Gbps uplink, I'm considering expanding it to at least 4Gbps if this works, but how can I be sure it is working?


I don't see any critical issues that should happen when there's a loop, but I also am not sure if I have the 2Gbps uplink between both switches using this configuration.


Aditionally, this is some of the statistics that I could gather from both switches, with a few seconds of delay (~5) between the HPE switch/ports and the statistics in the TP-Link ones:


Port 15 (TPL - LAG 1)
- TxGoodPkt: 2232
- TxBadPkt: 0
- RxGoodPkt: 336566
- RxBadPkt: 0

Port 16 (HPE - Trunk 1)
- Received Packets: 3163
- Received Errors: 0
- Transmitted Packets: 410757
- Transmitted Errors: 0

Port 17 (TPL - LAG 1)
- TxGoodPkt: 761773
- TxBadPkt: 0
- RxGoodPkt: 93328
- RxBadPkt: 0

Port 18 (HPE - Trunk 1)
- Received Packets: 951143
- Received Errors: 0
- Transmitted Packets: 116757
- Transmitted Errors: 0


Thanks for your comments.


Re: Static LAG with switch from another brand



I think the setup should work as Trunk in procurve is link-aggregation and you can use either static or LACP. Static is configured without LACP setup. Like you said if TP-Link have static and procurve have trunk-Member then i suppose it should work without any issues..



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