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C++ Profiling

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C++ Profiling

Can anyone tell me where I can get gprof++ for profiling programs that are compiled with aCC?

Chris Thompson
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Re: C++ Profiling


You need fileset
and any related patches

See below

Steve steel

# swlist -l fileset|grep -i ProgSupport.PROG-AUX
PHCO_27434.PROG-AUX 1.0 ProgSupport.PROG-AUX
ProgSupport.PROG-AUX B.11.11 PROG-AUX
# swlist -l file|grep gprof
OS-Core.CORE-64SLIB: /usr/lib/pa20_64/libgprof.1
OS-Core.CORE-64SLIB: /usr/lib/pa20_64/libgprof.a
OS-Core.CORE-64SLIB: /usr/lib/pa20_64/
OS-Core.CORE-KRN: /usr/conf/sys/gprof.h
OS-Core.CORE-SHLIBS: /usr/lib/libgprof.1
OS-Core.CORE-SHLIBS: /usr/lib/
ProgSupport.C-INC: /usr/include/sys/gprof.h
ProgSupport.PAUX-ENG-A-MAN: /usr/share/man/man1.Z/gprof.1
ProgSupport.PAUX-JPN-E-MAN: /usr/share/man/ja_JP.eucJP/man1.Z/gprof.1

ProgSupport.PAUX-JPN-S-MAN: /usr/share/man/ja_JP.SJIS/man1.Z/gprof.1

ProgSupport.PROG-AUX: /usr/ccs/bin/gprof
ProgSupport.PROG-AUX: /usr/lib/gprof.callg
ProgSupport.PROG-AUX: /usr/lib/gprof.flat
gprof(1) gprof(1)

gprof - display call graph profile data

gprof [options] [a.out [gmon.out...]] [shared_library

The gprof command produces an execution profile of C++, C, Pascal, and
FORTRAN programs. The effect of called routines is incorporated into
the profile of each caller. Profile data is taken from the call graph
profile file (gmon.out default) that is created by programs compiled
with the -G option of aCC, CC, cc, pc, and f77.
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Re: C++ Profiling

you might also consider downloading and using prospect - there should be an up-to-date version on under dist/networking/tools/ and also on the developers portal - I get there by starting at
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