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semaphore error that is due to TLS symbol error ??

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semaphore error that is due to TLS symbol error ??


as soon as the application I made run,
it causes error and being terminated as bellow.

$ myapp&
[1] 26360
$ /usr/lib/ Thread Local Storage mismatch symbol for: sem_destroy
/usr/lib/ No such file or directory

I'm sure I use semaphore functions:
sem_init(),sem_wait(),sem_post() and sem_destroy().

And the program is a deamon application
and uses pthread functions and
precompiled by Pro*C for using Oracle.

I can't understand what the above error message does mean,
but it is possible there are some keywords or linker setting missed.
(but I use -lrt option to cc.)

If you know thare are some possibilities about this problem, please tell me.

Takanobu Maekawa




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Re: semaphore error that is due to TLS symbol error ??

I remembered I used a user-defined TLS valiable.
So I commented it out, the problem didn't happen.

Therefore, it is much possible to misuse TLS.
But althouth I read the TLS section in pthread(3T)in man page,
I can't find where I was wrong.

Simply I use TLS global valiable in a file as bellow,

__thread ERRSTRUCT errSt;
(ERRSTRUCT is a user-defined struct type)

If you know the right way to use TLS,
please tell me.I'm really confused...


Takanobu Maekawa