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Authentication at connection issues

cedric Naera
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Authentication at connection issues

We had initially setup the MSM760 controller on the LAN port, login script ran and users were able to connect. It was then recommended that we move to the Internet Port as we are now looking to setup Guest access. Sometimes users get a 169.154 address, and sometimes they get a valid IP address but the login script doesn't run.

We have also Selected "Internet Port" under Service Controller -> Management -> Device Discovery -> Controlled AP discovery

One fix is to repair their wireless connection and then run the login script
Could it be an EAPOL setting or some other setting I need to do to move over to the internet port?



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Re: Authentication at connection issues

It is hard to comment without knowing the configuration and network environment, but most likely on the guest VSC you should make sure to check the "always tunnel client traffic" (or equivalent) checkbox. This will force the guest traffic to reach the controller without mixing with local network traffic, and that might get you more predictability in this scenario.