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Adding new physical disks

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Adding new physical disks

I have a HP MSA 2040 SAN which currently has 12 HP 1.2T SFF SAS 12G/s 10k rpm hdd. I am trying to add 4 more drives with the same specs. As the system is hot swappable I remove the blanks and slide in the new drives. I then review documentation and cannot find anything on adding new drives. New vdisks, new volumes, new pools, but nothing about the steps to take to get the new disks recognised by the chassis. Right now the new disks are in but not recognised. Help is appreciated.


Re: Adding new physical disks

Please share the drive model number which are already present in the system. Never share serial numbers in public.

Also please share the drive model number which are new and you have added to the system. Never share serial numbers in public.

How you are checking if drives detected by controllers ? are you using GUI or CLI? have you tried to check from both controllers?

You can check the below document which is actually for drive replacement. This may help,


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Re: Adding new physical disks


For the MSA, you must use HPE drives with the correct firmware which has been tested and qualified for the MSA array. For example, if adding 1.2TB drives you need to use part number J9F48A. Using a generic drive that has similar specs may not be recognized by the array nor have the same features and functions as qualified drives. Using an unsupported drive may put your data at risk since that drive has never been tested or qualified with the array so how the drive behaves, writes data, performs, or handles metadata functions will be unknown and unpredicatable. 

As Subhajit has suggested, the drive document will help with drive replacement as well as making sure the drive is properly seated in the backplane.


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